Naumkeag at Night (August 28)

Limbshakers Jazz Band returns to Naumkeag on Thursday, August 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM to perform old-school jazz, blues, folk and swing. 5 Prospect Hill Rd, Stockbridge, MA 01262 (413) 298-3239

Naumkeag is a true Berkshire County treasure: a grand residence with stunning gardens and panoramic views. A great place to picnic and relax. Family friendly as there is plenty of grounds for kids to run around; my son brings his Skuut bike and has a great time. $10/person; cash bar available or bring your own!

Allen Livermore, saxophone, clarinet, vocals, percussion

Peter Adams, pedal steel guitar

Dan Broad, upright bass and vocals

Katerina Livermore, violin and vocals

Never visited Naumkeag? Here’s some info:

This architectural masterpiece is, at its heart, a family home. Joseph Choate, a leading 19th-century attorney, hired the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, & White to design the 44-room “cottage,” Naumkeag, which would serve as a summer retreat for three generations of Choates.

With its views of Monument Mountain, its stunning collection of gardens created by Joseph Choates’s daughter, Miss Mabel Choate, and Fletcher Steele over 30 years, its original artwork, and its shingle-style house, Naumkeag creates an unforgettable experience for visitors. Don’t miss the self-guided audio tour of the Naumkeag gardens, including the Blue Steps, a series of deep blue fountain pools, flanked by four flights of stairs and a grove of white birches. Walk through the equally beautiful Afternoon Garden, Tree Peony Terrace, Rose Garden, Evergreen Garden, and Chinese Garden to encounter the playful, inventive spirit of Miss Choate and Mr. Steele.


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